Monday, April 22, 2013


If you read other Christian marriage blogs, you've noticed confessions are all the rage these days. Not the I'm-not-really-married or this-is-my-tenth-marriage kind of confessions. No one is dropping bombs. But just the kind of confessions where readers get to learn a little more about what makes the bloggers tick, which is always cool. If you follow a blog long enough, you really start to think you know the author, so a good confessional makes you feel like you are part of the inner circle.

I'm just now developing this blog, and I decided to spend a few months really working on it before I shared it with anyone I know. In the meantime, I know folks do stumble across it (I see you in my stats. I know). So I thought, eh, I could probably share a little more about what makes me and this li'l ole blog tick.

I am not a perfect Christian and I don't have a perfect marriage. I am not blogging to tell anyone how to do it. I'm blogging to challenge myself and my marriage to be better and stronger and if it encourages others along the way ... *happy dance*. Because I write this for me, I'm trying really hard not to be preachey. But I also know my nature is to be sort of preachy. So, to sum it up: I am preachy and I don't want to listen to anyone be preachy. Yay.

If you want to demand proof that I don't have it all figured out, I'll let you in on a secret: my husband and I have a two year old and we have only been on two dates since she was born. See? Not all figured out. We know we should be going on dates, but we haven't ever figured out how. We also had our reasons for the first 14 months (said in my best - oh geez - preachy voice).

Marriage is just hard work. Plain and simple. Even when you marry a really great person, and I did (now, my husband on the other hand...)

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